Sungai Lembing Museum


This mining museum is managed by the Department of Museums Malaysia which aims to disseminate information and showcase historical treasures in Sungai Lembing and in the Pahang State in general. Visitors will surely be overwhelmed by interesting knowledge pertaining to underground tin mines which were once recognised as among the world's biggest and deepest tin mines.


Pelangi Waterfall


Pelangi Waterfall is renowned for its beauty. It is situated close to Sungai Lembing. Tourists will be able to view the captivating rainbow across the waterfall only in the mornings. There are transportation / 4WD vehicles provided to provide the convenience to tourists who wish to tour around the small city which is interesting and full of adventure.


Panorama Hill

Panorama Hill is one of the recreational centres in Sungai Lembing. There are various recreational activities for the public, such as jungle trekking and many more. The beauty of this hill is that visitors will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of sunrise as well as the scenery of sunset. Panorama Hill stands 291 metres above sea level. Its popularity is as such that it receives a continuous flow of visitors during weekends to enjoy captivating views of sunrise and the greens surrounding the hill.


Gunung Tapis


Gunung Tapis is the 18th tallest mountain in the Peninsula, standing at 4, 957 feet above sea level. There is a park which is well maintained around Gunung Tapis which also offers camp sites, hot springs, white water rafting activities in rapid flowing river, catching big fishes as well as a large school of mahseer fish.

The view from the peak of Gunung Tapis is really enchanting. You will witness an ocean of white clouds blurring the view of lowland areas. On a clear day you will be able to spot Gunung Tahan from a distance. The temperature at the peak is between 18 and 8 degrees Celsius.


Deer Farming


This farm is located approximately 50 km from Kuantan town and 5 km from the small town of Sungai Lembing if you drive through Kampung Kuala Kenau. This farm is 3 km away from the Sungai Mas Orang Asli Village and 9 km from the main road to Kuantan. This farm is developed and managed by the State Department of Veterinary Services. It was opened in 1992. The deer breeds conserved here comprise the Cerrus timorensis and the ones originating from Mauritius and Australia.


Suspension Bridge

There are four suspension bridges crossing the rivers at Sungai Kenau, Sungai Lembing. There are two suspension bridges in the north, at Kampung Kuala Kenau and Takar Rapids. The suspension bridge in the south is located at the Seberang Kolong Pahat village. The bridge is more than 100 years old. The oldest suspension bridge is at Kampung Kolong Pahat.



This monument was built at Sungai Lembing during the Japanese occupation. It is situated close to the Sungai Lembing children's playground. The monument is a stone structure to commemorate the heroes who have struggled in defending the nation against the Japanese. It is an attraction for tourists visiting Sungai Lembing.