Pantai Balok

Pantai Balok

Among the beaches that has its own pull factor is Pantai Balok which is located approximately 15 kilometres north of Kuantan. The beach has a recreational centre with camping facilities suitable for outdoor activities either for school uniformed bodies or for the family. Due to its suitability for carrying out various recreational activities, this beach often becomes the choice for many parties to organise family day activities in Kuantan. To the locals, Balok beach is an ideal destination to relax during the weekend due to its pleasant beach with shaded sky and sheltered by the with casuarina trees.

In the evening, the beach is often used as a recreational spot for activities such as jogging because of its wide, long beaches with the added fanning of fresh sea breeze. In addition, the basic amenities in the area include bathrooms, changing rooms and public toilets. Around Balok there are many food stalls operated by the villagers with appetising varieties of delicacies such as grilled fish, "keropok lekor" and Thai-style cooking. In and around Balok visitors can also obtain fresh fishes and other sea catch at several fisherman villages nearby.

Kuantan Scenery

Kuantan Scenery

Enjoy the panoramic view of Kuantan town which encapsulates a combination of well organised skyscraper, fishing villages and verdant greeneries growing along Sungai Kuantan.

Sungai Kuantan

Take part in the special journey to the Sungai Kuantan estuary every Friday and Saturday nights to experience the cool breeze while viewing the beautiful and colourful sights of Kuantan city.

Taman Bakau (Mangrove Park) Routes

Bakau Reserve Forest

The Bakau Forest Reserve (Mangrove Reserve Forest) of 339 hectares is covered with lush verdant vegetation growing along Sungai Kuantan, and is believed to have been in existence circa 500 years ago. Its strategic location situated in the middle of Kuantan city is an attraction for both the local or international tourists, who ventured there to view its unique and preserved environment.

Taman Bakau Routes

Taman Bakau (Mangrove Park) is accessible via two routes, each with a distance of 250 meters and 750 meters respectively, which will enable you to explore the natural forest environment without having to step on the mud. Get pleasure from the superb view during your journey through the park, and climb the 40-metre tower to observe the forest reserve. Learn about the various species of animals and plants, and the uniqueness of the mangrove tree roots.