History : The Opening of Kuantan

According to historical record, Kuantan had long been in existence since the beginning of 1850's. Kuantan started as a settlement in the 19th century. The implementation of the Local Government system in Kuantan was initiated on 1 August 1913 with the establishment of the Kuantan Sanitary Board that was responsible for hygiene, health and development control. In 1937, the Kuantan Sanitary Board was replaced by the Lembaga Bandaran Kuantan (Kuantan Town Board). After nearly 16 years of being administered under this system, Lembaga Bandaran Kuantan has been upgraded to Majlis Bandaran Kuantan (Kuantan Town Council) which covered an administrative area of 16 square km which is concentrated on the Mukim Kuala Kuantan.

On 1st September 1979, Majlis Bandaran Kuantan was once again upgraded to Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (Kuantan Municipal Council) based on the Local Government's Act (Act 171) which remains as to this day. The administration area of the Kuantan Municipal Council has been expanded to 324 kms square which covered four districts comprising of Kuala Kuantan, Ulu Kuantan, Beserah and Sungai Karang. This is 10% of whole area of Kuantan town. Out of that, 20% is taxable area which provides city council service while the rest are developing areas.


Kuantan is located on the East Coast of Peninsular of Malaysia at latitude of 3° 49' 0" North and longitude of 102° 20' 0" East. In the east is the South China Sea with a coastline of 56 kms (35 miles). In the west are Maran and Jerantut Districts, north is the Terengganu State and in the south is the Pekan District.