MPK's Logo Description

The letter 'K' means Kuantan. It is surrounded by a coil which represents the word ‘global'. This image conveys the meaning that Kuantan is moving towards becoming a city and having global characteristics as well as playing an important role at the national and international level.

The letter 'K' which is formed by elephant tusks (Pahang's Identity) and placed close to each other conveys the sustainable of MPK's management and administration with the private sector and Kuantan's citizens. All three sides complement each otherf or Kuantan's development.

The letter 'K' is also in a form of a sail which carries the meaning of a Kuantan that is constantly moving forward towards the growth of development which is aggressive and compatibility especially economically and socially.

The logo as a whole features the letter ‘Q' which portrays MPK as a PBT which places importance in quality management and service. The words ‘Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan' and ‘Municipal Council' are combined form Malay and English to complete the strong intention of MPK towards globalization.

Logo Colours Interpretation

Dark Blue
Represents harmony at all levels of the community.

Light Blue
Represents Kuantan as a tourist destination with a variety of tourism products from nature to culture as well as tourism programs available.

Represents ‘Town In A Garden' in beautification efforts in terms of landscape of a multitude of variety and colours.

Represents courage and strength in principles when performing duties which are becoming more challenging.

Represents sovereignty of the Sultan ruling Pahang. The sovereignty is an ‘umbrella' that protects so that the people can live in harmony.