• Payment By Telephone
    Payment by telephone to Maybank Kawanku Phone Banking for Maybank and Maybank Finance account holders or call to MBF Cards (Call & Pay, Wap & Pay)
  • Payment Through The Internet 'Pay Online'
    Payment can also be made at these websites:-

      • (for credit card users only)

        Assessment Tax Payment Counter

        Several payment counters are open for the convenience of the public in order to make assessment tax payments and other Council bills payments as follows:-

    Payment Counter Location Payment Method
    MPK Head Office, Jln.Tanah Putih Cash, Cheque, Master Card ,Visa, AmEx, M.O, P.O
    Makmur Terminal, MPK Jln Stadium Cash, Cheque, M.O, P.O only
    Kuantan Market (1st-15th) Cash, Cheque, M.O, P.O only
    MPK Wholesale Market, Jln.Kemunting Cash, Cheque, M.O, P.O only
    Management Office Cash, Cheque, M.O, P.O only
    MPK Gebeng Branch Cash, Cheque, M.O, P.O and Mastercard only
    Telekom Malaysia (Kuantan) Cash only
    Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Kuantan) Cash only
    B.S.N (Allh Malaysia) Giro Account & Cash only

Reminders To You

  • Check with MPK to determine whether the assessment tax arrears for the holds have been paid.

  • Check with lawyers or management agents who managed the transactions of the property to make sure the arrears have been paid by previous owners.

  • If you want to buy a house/ shop/ vacant land:-

  • If you have transferred /sold/ bought/ inheritted a house/building/vacant land :-

    Inform MPK by completing Form I (Notice of Sales or Transfer of Ownership (Section 160) Local Government Act 1976 within 3 months of the transfer of ownership. Failure to do so allows MPK to take legal actions. All legal cost will be borne by the property owner.

  • If your house/building owned by you is razed, caught fire or left to rot :-

    Please officially write to MPK to inform that your house has been razed, left to rot or caught fire to ensure the building is removed from the Valuation List.

  • Operational Action

    Operations Unit will take action to collect arrears all year round. Owners/Residents/Renters who received notice (Form E), reminder letters/reminder tablet must settle the payment immediately before the Operations Unit comes at your house/premise.

  • Any Enquiries Can Be Referred To:-
    Assessment Tax Division
    Kuantan Municipal Council
    Jalan Tanah Putih, 25100 Kuantan.
    Tel: 09-5121545/5121549/5121550