Payment Facilities Provided

MPK provides several Assessment Tax payment facilities as follows:-

  • Monthly Installments
    This facility is open for owners who willing to settle their assessment tax arrears by installments within the current year. The installment schedule will be issued to qualified applicants. 
  • Payment By General Assessment Tax Monthly Standing Order
    • Low cost public housing or
    • Government Department/Government Agency's staff/pensioners
    • Has settled all Assessment Tax arrears.
    • 1st half year – 15th. Dec – 15th. Jan
    • 2nd half year – 15th. June – 15th. July of every year

    This facility is only open to owners as follows:-

    The application is open during the following period :-

  • Payment By Post

    Payment by crossed cheque, postal order, banker's cheque made payable to YANG DIPERTUA MPK and accompanied by the bill or with the assessment tax account number written behind the cheque/M.O/P.O.

  • Payment By Credit Card

    Payment by credit cards is accepted at the Payment Counter, MPK Head Office, Jalan Tanah Putih, Kuantan.

  • Payment By Monthly Rental
    The holds tenants may pay their monthly rentals to MPK in order to settle the assessment tax arrears until fully paid or until the end of lease period if the owner fails to do so.