Fine Schedule

Arrears Amount Late Fine

Below RM 100.00
RM 101.00 - RM 200.00
RM 201.00 - RM 300.00
RM 301.00 - RM 400.00
RM 401.00 and above

RM 2.00
RM 3.50
RM 5.00
RM 6.50
2 % from total arrears
  • If still fail to make payment, a Warrant of Attachment will be issued on you. This warrant will give MPK Officers the authority to:
    - take possession of portable property within the building.
    - close the building operation (section 148)
    - auction the building/land through the High Court registrar (section 151)
    Payment for Warrant of Attachment total of 10% is also imposed.
  • Stop the approval process and MPK services for hold with arrears as follow:-
    - approval for business licence
    - approval for layout plans
    - approval for building plans
    - approval for Certificate of Fitness
  • Claiming for arrears through MPK lawyers and also taking action through lawyers to collect general assessment tax. All legal costs are borne by the property owner.

Distributing General Assessment Tax Bills/Notices

  • General Assessment Tax Bills are given/mailed on

    • January – 1st half year
    • July - 2nd half year
  • Notice (Form E) is given/mailed on

    • March – 1st half year
    • September - 2nd half year
  • If you did not receive the bill/notice, please come personally to the Assessment Tax Counter, Assessment Tax Division, Department of Valuating and Property Management.

    • MPK Head Office, Jalan Tanah Putih, Kuantan by bring along
    • Previous Bill/Notice or
    • Account No. (if any) or
    • Lot/house no and property location.