Functions of the Department

  1. To plan and develop the landscape of the Council area covering 2,065 square km.
  2. To implement landscape development projects under the allocation of federal government, state and MPK.
  3. To control and coordinate landscape developments through the process of landscape plans approval applications submitted by consultants.
  4. To manage the maintenance of public parks as follows:
    1. Teruntum Park (99 acres)
    2. City Park (48.81 acres)
    3. Esplanade Park / Benteng (4.4 acres)
    4. Kerang Park (2.9 acres)
    5. Gelora Park (57 acres)
    6. Kejiranan (Neighbourhood) Park (12 acres)
    7. Teluk Cempedak (6 acres)
    8. Sepat Beach (37 acres)
    9. Taman Pelindung Beserah (Beserah Shelter Park) (123 acres)
    10. Tanjung Api Esplanade Park (1.8 acres)
  5. To provide landscape design plans encompassing landscape management, preparation, contract process, development allocation management and provision pertaining to technical and construction.
  6. To manage the activities at public parks organised by the Department.
  7. To manage public complaints and maintenance of landscape works, shade trees and shrubs.
  8. To manage nurseries, landscape development requirement planning and decoration services.
  9. To manage the Teruntum Mini Zoo.