Client Charter

a. Landscape Planning and Development Division

  • To process and issue complete landscape results received from the One Stop Centre (OSC) Secretariat Division within 21 working days.

b. Landscape Maintenance Division

  • To ensure decoration order is ready 1 hour before use and meet customers' requirements.
  • To ensure all complaints pertaining to tree cutting applications are resolved within the next 14 days.
  • To check the damages of public facilities at five public parks managed by MPK once a month to ensure the facilities are well maintained.



Prior to 2006, the Landscape Department was known as the Department of Parks and Recreation. It has 2 main divisions:-

a. Landscape Planning and Development Division

Includes planning and landscape development management, providing design plans for landscape development projects under the allocation of federal government, state and MPK and also to process landscape plans approval application submitted by the consultants.

b. Landscape Maintenance Division

Includes managing and maintaining public parks, maintenance management of shade trees on main roads, city centre and housing areas as well as managing nurseries and Taman Teruntum Mini Zoo.



a. Landscape Department's Vision

To transform Kuantan into a city with its own landscape distinctive identity and image in line with its aspiration as a Sustainable City.

b. Department's Mission

  • To transform Kuantan into a Palm City a reality.
  • To boost the image of the city based on Kuantan's natural coastal set up and characterised as ‘Kuantan Palm Beach City.'


Objectives of the Department

  1. To initiate a special theme for ‘Natural Exotica Kuantan' landscape development.
  2. To identify and develop the elements for the creation of the image and identity of Kuantan.
  3. To further intensify the implementation of landscape development.
  4. To increase the satisfaction level of Kuantan's residents in line with the suitability and development of the said landscape.