• Rest House Enactment (Chapter 14)
    • This regulation is enforced to license rest houses apart from controlling the activities and cleanliness of rest houses in the State of Pahang.


  • Stray Cattle/Buffaloes Enactment 1996
    • This regulation is applied by LA to control the livestock such as cattle, buffaloes and goats from roaming on the streets and public places which may endanger the public. These regulations emphasises on two main aspects which are the responsibility of the owner as well as the enforcement.


  • Entertainment Enactment 1993
    • This regulation is formulated for the purpose of licensing and controlling entertainment activities throughout the State of Pahang. The LA and the police act as the enforcer of the enactment. Among the authority given to the LA under this enactment is to license entertainment activities, conduct investigations, compound for offences as well as conduct prosecutions in Court.