“We Pledge To Deliver High Quality Services EFFICIENTLY, FAIRLY AND WARMLY”


  • Zero Risk Business Licences Approval and Issuance Process within 40 Minutes
  • Simple Renovation Plan Process for Residential Houses that Involve Addition of Floors and Large Scale Addition within 14Working Days
  • Payment Process to Suppliers/Contractors Through Local Orders within 7 Working Days 7 Hari
  • Road Closure Permit Application Process within 10 Minutes
  • Ensure All Public Complaints are Given Feedback within 3 Working Days
  • Organise a Customer Friendly Day Programme on Every Last Friday of the Month
  • Compound Settlement Application Process within 15 Minutes
  • Property Ownership Information Updates/Changes Process within 1 Working Day
  • Out-of-Court Settlement Application Process for Summonses within 30 Minutes